Healthy Christmas Snacks

Healthy Christmas Snacks

Christmas is in the air, and there are plenty of festivities happening, whether it be with family, friends, at your child’s school or in your workplace. If you need to bring a snack plate to any of your Christmas parties, why not try one of the following fun, easy and healthy ideas. I’m sure they will be a hit! Below are three healthy fruit-based Christmas snack ideas:

Fruit Candy Cane

Christmas fruit Christmas snack ideas


You will need (makes 1):

1 Banana

3 Strawberries


Slice the bananas and strawberries around 1cm thick. Place them in the shape of a candy cane following the pattern of banana, strawberry, banana etc. as shown in the picture.


Kiwi Christmas Tree

Healthy fruit Christmas snacks ideas

You will need (makes 1):

1 Kiwi (for the tree branches)

1 Mulberry/Raspberry/Strawberry (for the star)

Pomegranates or raisins (to decorate)

Shredded coconut (for the snow)

Banana (for the base)


Slice the Kiwi into 5 thin slices. Then halve each slice. You should end up with 10 pieces as shown in the picture. Place them as shown on the picture. Add a base (banana slice) and a star (mulberry). Decorate with pomegranates or raisins and sprinkle with coconut.


Santa Hats

Healthy fruit Christmas Snack ideas

You will need (makes 1):

1 toothpick

1 strawberry

1 banana



Slice the banana around 1-1.5 cm thick. Add to the toothpick. Cut the base off the strawberry and add to the toothpick. Add a piece of popcorn to the top of the strawberry, as the pom pom on the Santa hat.


Enjoy and Merry Christmas!