Art & Craft: Carrot Bookmark

Art & Craft: Carrot Bookmark

In a previous post we have shown how to make a watermelon bookmark, and now for all the little book worms out there, this is how you can make a carrot bookmark. This is a great art and craft activity for the classroom or at home. Below are the step-by-step instructions on how to make these cute bookmarks.

What you need:


Orange paint – we didn’t have orange so we mixed red and yellow together instead


Hole punch

Green ribbon – we used curling ribbon

White cardboard




Step 1: Draw a carrot shape onto the cardboard for your child. In addition, draw a circle where they need to punch the hole for the ribbon.  I also drew some dashed lines around the outside of the carrot to show where they need to cut.

Step 2: Painting time! Let your child go to work painting their carrot. If they want to be creative and add a face then let them go for it!

Step 3: Once the paint is dry, let your child cut out the carrot.

Step 4: Punch a hole at the top of the carrot with the hole punch.

Step 5: Cut the green curling ribbon into equal lengths.

Step 6:  Get each piece of green curling ribbon. Fold it in half and put the folded end through the hole, then loop the free ends of the ribbon over the top of the carrot and through the folded ribbon, making it secure. Refer to the following pictures to see how this is done.

Step 7: Now you have a carrot bookmark that can be used in your children’s books, your books, recipe books or even given as a gift.