Eat the Rainbow Activity

Eat the Rainbow Activity

When I was a child, the age old saying was to ‘eat your greens’, which is how kids were told to eat their vegetables. Fast forward many years, and our children’s generation are now being told to ‘eat the rainbow’, ensuring that a wide variety of fruit and vegetables are eaten and nutrients received.

This advice is great in theory, but in reality how can we help encourage kids to ‘eat the rainbow’? Yes we can serve them a variety of coloured fruit and vegetables every day and hope that they eat them. Or another way of approaching it is to let them take some accountability for their own food intake. You can do this by making it fun and getting them to create a fruit and veg rainbow.

You Will Need:

1 piece of plain white paper

Coloured pencils or textas


Using the paper and coloured pencils/textas, the aim is for your child to keep track of how many colours they are eating during the day. This applies only to fruit and vegetables. Every time they eat a coloured fruit or vegetable, they can add that colour to their rainbow. At the end of the day your child should have a colourful rainbow. Count how many colours they have eaten, discuss with them what other colours are possible and what other fruit and vegetables can be eaten to achieve these colours. The next day encourage your child to try and eat some of these other fruits and vegetables that are different colours to those in their rainbow. You can also include water if you like as a reminder for your child to drink enough water during the day. For example, for each cup of water that is drank a blue line can be drawn.

Below is an example of a rainbow from my own children.

Good luck!

eat the rainbow