Five Days of Food Fun – Day 5

Five Days of Food Fun – Day 5

We often tell our kids not to play with their food, but this week is an exception!

With the school holidays upon us, every day for the next five days I will be posting a food-based activity that your children can do to beat the “boredom”! Each activity is different, and involves using food, but doesn’t necessarily involve eating food! Check in each day to see what the new activity is!

Day 5 – Restaurant Play

You will need:

Various tubs of coloured play-doh

Printable restaurant Menu and Receipts. We used the below printables from

1 pencil

restaurant 1

Step 1: Your child needs to complete the prices on the menu and take your order.

Step 2: After taking the order, your child needs to get creative with the play-doh and make the food items that you ordered from the menu.

Step 3: After making the food, your child needs to complete the restaurant receipt to give you with the play-doh food.

restaurant 2


restaurant 3

This is a great activity for kids to show their creativity, practice their maths and reading skills and is also great for improving their fine motor skills.


And thats it! Five days of food fun for kids to help beat boredom in the holidays!

Just to recap:

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Day 5 – Restaurant Play