Five Days of Food Fun for Kids – Day 1

Five Days of Food Fun for Kids – Day 1

We often tell our kids not to play with their food, but this week is an exception!

With the school holidays upon us, every day for the next five days I will be posting a food-based activity that your children can do to beat the “boredom”! Each activity is different, and involves using food, but doesn’t necessarily involve eating food! Check in each day to see what the new activity is!

Day 1 – Pasta Necklaces

You will need:

Pasta (we used penne pasta)

Paint and paint brushes


Fun with food blog 1

This is a great activity for kids that allows them to use their imagination, creativity and is good for improving fine motor skills. In addition, most kids only ever see pasta once it is cooked, so it also allows them to see the pasta when it is hard and raw – which can also be a great conversation starter about where pasta comes from.


Step 1: Get the kids to paint the pasta.

fun with food blog 3

Step 2: Allow it to dry.

Step 3: Get them to thread each individual pasta onto the string.

fun with food blog 4

Easy peasy! Now they have a pretty pasta necklace!

Note: Make sure you let them know they CAN’T eat the pasta once it is painted!

Check in tomorrow for Day 2 of Five days of Food Fun!